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1873 days ago


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some_shahad 1515 days ago

coo @,@ oool

Emmawillyman 1729 days ago

I am sure You can make flowers grow ... so you can grow with the flowers too... so good to grow with a flower ..... Thanks for thoses beautiful words among the flowers, they helped me to remenber when i grew up with a flower . Help me to remenber that

joe_potatoe 1749 days ago

i think he means "doing" the thing to make flowers grow ?

Nickelberrynsc 1749 days ago

We used to write stuff like that in each other's year books. This reminded me of it. Unrelated but spontaneous.

Nickelberrynsc 1749 days ago

I did
I did this
I did this to
I did this to take
I did this to take up
I did this to take up space

marymo75 1752 days ago

All this time i've been doinking and i shoulda been boinging!

Darlin_Girl 1757 days ago


Mouwze 1821 days ago

Spring. Spring makes the flowers grow. Gill. Wales. UK

TeresaTeater 1843 days ago

to dakota830,below ,I've waded thru enough pissy floor designs in Bathrooms after men went,And I personally dont want to see a picture of "IT" on anybody's twitter,pardon me Jim for venting thru your twitter,At least have the decency to put a sock on "it

dakota830 1845 days ago

Did you ever stare down at the floor tile while you were going to the bathroom and cool images started forming on the floor tiles, in the lines,, in the design? No, I'm not high, like van gogh boing! I gotta take a pic of it and show you, see what you

lspearman1 1854 days ago

I know I wish you would show us some more of those beautiful #boing flowers.

bluefox48 1857 days ago

How are those "boing" flowers coming along??? They are just,..."boing!"

Abidabbidoos 1863 days ago

Alan Watts talks "boing!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLrMVous0Ac out of nothing comes everything... and out of everything comes #BOING ;)

FlowerySnicket 1863 days ago

hahah, and ure #BOINGGY as usual :D

analesha2010 1864 days ago

Show me your painting Jim? Do you draw flowers? I love flowers. Sending you a big hug xxoo

Jenpasour 1865 days ago

Why yes u do

emmabee11 1866 days ago

Haha yes you are #BOING and you do make everything and everyone go #BOING because your full of life :D.

brainwarps 1871 days ago

so in this case You are #boinging in your garden?

Mayancode69 1871 days ago

So,this is what rich people do in their spare time.Lol!

romie_loves 1872 days ago

yeah, that's your power!!! BOOOOIIIIIING!!!