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Actor Jim Carrey!

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mrjoesfi 1720 days ago

wats up with that???

kepoterma 2063 days ago

You are so right

joe_potatoe 2109 days ago

what could even be worse then these shadows you wish for?

Nickelberrynsc 2110 days ago

That's a good thing.

gailbunni 2147 days ago

There is no shame... no reason to hide.. What is needed is understanding.

ShinyGoil 2155 days ago

real deep

ShinyGoil 2155 days ago

thats deep

diavolul13 2172 days ago

You are so right

colimar 2176 days ago

Falou tudo

julaversity 2178 days ago

And if ever our intent seems unclear,let us focus on what we hold dear...

julaversity 2178 days ago

All that is arnd u,all tht is behind u,and all that shall be in front of you,are within u right now..

julaversity 2178 days ago

...Supports your soul in every dimension. Reenergize,relax,and realize all that is around you,

julaversity 2178 days ago

...Take care that "rest" be your intent somedays. This noble and soundly chosen intention...

julaversity 2178 days ago

Yet light can be blinding to one who's mind or body is not ready to bask in the heat of it's rays...

arieleast 2178 days ago

That's because you're so bright
the shadows fade in your sight.
There is no shame
in being true to your name,
Sir Jim who Carries the Light.

Mouwze 2182 days ago

Star. Gill. Wales. UK

Xmanpaul 2194 days ago

I don't get it jim....yes i am new here, but is this poetry that you are putting on beautiful things?

TeresaTeater 2209 days ago

tis better to have loved,than lost,there is no shame in that,shadows will fade in the brightness of your light,and "man do you have light !!!"Go shine it !! some more.Thanks

sovietbones 2213 days ago

oh man. this one's probably my favorite.

lspearman1 2214 days ago

There is no shame we have all trusted people that didn't deserve our love and trust and that's just how that is. We can't let people like that under our skin for to long we need to put it in the past and LOOK FORWARD TO A BRIGHT NEW FUTURE! The sooner th