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Actor Jim Carrey!

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McClintock_Nate 1667 days ago

In the spiritual realm there are entities that have never lived on the earth plain, they can see are wars, are hatred, all the things we view as darkness but they view it as a game or a joke. They have no points of reference. War, Starvation, Death does n

McClintock_Nate 1667 days ago

The energy that you are feeling is coming from the highest level and is moving through your mind and is manifesting into your physical realty.

McClintock_Nate 1667 days ago

Jim, there are three plains of existence. The Physical, the Mental, and the Spiritual. There is an agreement or harmony between the three plains. The only differences between the three is the atomic vibrations. The Physical being the lowest and the Spirit

miss_monyei 1725 days ago

this is very cool... :0)

Nickelberrynsc 2086 days ago

I gathered that.

frankyoualot 2092 days ago

SO cool - many levels - thank you

ShinyGoil 2131 days ago

my sentaments exactly!

jujubecool 2144 days ago

aint that the truth....amen!

diavolul13 2148 days ago

What would you be if you do all of these? Jim Carrey=crazy actor. I like you

Mouwze 2158 days ago

Sun Gill Wales UK

Yoohoogood 2190 days ago

I like this one!

DenKrem 2196 days ago

Burn baby burn! Make it an inferno.

analesha2010 2200 days ago

That's good Jim. . You are unique and you shine so brightly. Don't turn your glow down for anyone.

viscountqueen 2206 days ago

Oh that one goes for me as well... I'm gonna steal it from you !

brainwarps 2207 days ago

Every cell of us all contains a photon of light. its a fact of quantum physics. So shine, then #boing, then shine some more.

vanessakeyss 2207 days ago

It's raining again
Run for cover under your lover,
Foolish umbrella
Again and again.
The sky is pulled from your eyes
Just thinking of my damage I--
What a fool I am.
I don't mind,
Cause you've got me satisfied
This apology is a valiant lie.

AngelShadow117 2208 days ago

I love you.... :)

Kimberleigh333 2208 days ago

I like this one!

DreamN_ADream 2208 days ago

sounds like me too