Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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2266 days ago


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joe_potatoe 2142 days ago

Teach them to be worthy, everyone is worthy unknowingly

Nickelberrynsc 2142 days ago

Yeah that's true.

FunGh0ul 2148 days ago

nice :'D

Crehalen 2159 days ago

You have been my favorite actor since I was in 5th grade when Ace Ventura came out. I'm 27 now and I think your films and just good nature rubbed off on me. Im a goofy guy who likes to bring smiles and your talent in comedy is amazing to watch.

badboycobra7 2173 days ago

You're a huge #BOING talent, but surely you jest... ?

FlowerySnicket 2256 days ago

Bruce again.... ts ts ts... :PPP

analesha2010 2257 days ago

You are special Jim and many people are drawn to you. You are so gifted but also so sweet and tender and wonderful ...inside. I feel worthy to embrace you because I know how special you are.
Hugs and love to you

shirong_guo 2261 days ago

Hello,Jim,nice to meet you here.Just watched your new movie I Love You Phillip Morris,I was so attracted to it.Thanks for your wonderful performance,love and embrace you!:-)

ginnysmind 2263 days ago

without our laugh .you would be nothing

theonlyxstaci 2263 days ago

Boing is a lot like the Tao, isn't it? :)

brainwarps 2264 days ago

I don't know about you but your gardener rocks.

AngelShadow117 2264 days ago

Thank you for being you. I needed the smile today! Love and hugs...

Kimberleigh333 2265 days ago

I am worthy of god's embrace!

DreamN_ADream 2265 days ago

very nice =]

Bleuz2010 2265 days ago

I bet that yours is one of the sweetest, kindest embraces ever, then add the power of your #BOING and smile...who would turn such a good feeling down, even if they didn't feel worthy?

DivyaNagpal02 2265 days ago

M i dAt woRtTHy?... mA jImMy BriGht BuLb

SabrinaM7 2265 days ago

Your handwriting is B E A utiful Thanks for the touching words and sweet flowers I like it A LOT

lovelytanu 2265 days ago

you could be a gr8 poet also....

navnidhi 2265 days ago

ha ha man below is a freek i guess .....but dis means so true :)) luv this one very nice jim :)))

Captain_Cadaver 2265 days ago

Does this mean that Morgan Freeman truly lent you his power? ;)