Gary Sinise


Actor/co founder Steppenwolf Theatre. Bass player, GS & Lt Dan Band, Founder Gary Sinise Foundation

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#pizzabox attends GI Film Fest with me. Seemed to enjoy the film although would have preferred more cheese

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1587 days ago

#pizzabox attends GI Film Fest with me. Seemed to enjoy the film although would have preferred more cheese


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blackrose538 1532 days ago

lol :)

jayloe38 1570 days ago

i hope PIZZA BOX will not being playing a cop on CSI:NY they will eat him from the inside lol

Amatista83 1571 days ago

Me encanta esos anteojos...

upperme 1573 days ago

#pizzabox is looking a bit anxious. What film is he taking in right now??

MachikoMarch21 1581 days ago

Did you make the 3D glasses for the #pizzabox?

fammsimm 1581 days ago

I hope #pizzabox starts writing reviews. He is well traveled, articulate & hangs out with

kinipela__75 1585 days ago

the best kind of #pizzabox pal to have around.

nutsaboutbooks 1585 days ago

Thanks Gary for making my day. I love the pizzabox.

LiliMuchlis 1586 days ago

Aaaawwwww .... adorable..

Barbar14 1586 days ago

Well funny! After a tough morning at work, well worth the wait

aschatria 1586 days ago

killer sence for humor; no comment, (ssg+chs!!)

ChapLynn123 1586 days ago

Okay, i got another.... so, you mean this isn't cheesy enough... ba dump dump (smile, wink, grin)

ChapLynn123 1586 days ago

i see a cartoon in the works, or perhaps a documentary. pizzabox definitely needs his/her own show. CSI: Pizza Place :)

CookieJeanK 1586 days ago

Pizzabox is my new fav

yeeheiee 1586 days ago

Gary , you are so........can't find any word to describle u ... love pizzabox *-*

sion79 1586 days ago

Wow! cool #pizzabox !! lol

H4LL13 1586 days ago

Awesome. What did people think of you carrying around an empty #pizzabox? haha.

PretenderGurl 1586 days ago

::cracks up:: Loving the sense of humor! ^_^

baquardie 1586 days ago

HA HA HA You are incredible !!!

tashmelbourne 1586 days ago

PS I think those glasses are far cooler than the ones I have. Wonder where I could get a pair??? Remind me of my childhood...ah the 80s. Don't know where that irrelevence came from, but still loving the pizza box x