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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

One more of Brother Wease. My mentor tatoo'd my name on his arm!

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2840 days ago

One more of Brother Wease. My mentor tatoo'd my name on his arm!


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Freakabilly 2834 days ago

this is why Opie is cool. He never forgets where he came from or who helped him along the way.

smiteboy 2839 days ago

Notice how he left the space in front of the 'O', so he can always go back and change it Johnny Depp-style if you ever shame him.

IceBoxMN 2839 days ago

Hey, it's not gay if it's for another shock jock.

BHite15 2839 days ago

kinda looks like

willrochester 2839 days ago

Ive met him a few times, real nice guy.

BrianHanscom 2839 days ago

David could only wish

Fowl444 2840 days ago

This is the ultimate sign of respect ...I would be honored if I were you opie .

BHite15 2840 days ago

is the heart tattoo on his ring finger a sign of an even deep love for Opie? ***Speculate Speculate***

RATTFINKSTER 2840 days ago

That's an honor.

griffin_studios 2840 days ago

I thought it was spelled Opey

heatherewf 2840 days ago

That's really awesome. :)

kearsey 2840 days ago

Did he call "No homo?"

Frrrrrrunkis0 2840 days ago

Alright, that's pretty badass right there man.

MissLindsey420 2840 days ago

opie that is really fuckin cool. good for you.

jdbananaman 2840 days ago

That's special.

yfbl 2840 days ago

Lady_trucker, Wease can be a lefty. I'm just saying.

HottDogg 2840 days ago

With all that you’ve accomplished I’d imagine that gesture means more than anything, a teacher becoming a fan; a real sign that you too are a great radio host…

RickSarasota 2840 days ago

best radio show host ever....wease listener 1983(remember 89 and up)-2006

WillBock 2840 days ago

Howard Hessman v2.0

BretShugrue 2840 days ago

What the hell is brother wease wearing?