Danny Miller


My name is Danny Miller, 19, from Stockport, Manchester. Happy Days TWEETERS!

My go at the clapperboard!

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2237 days ago

My go at the clapperboard!


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Lewishenderson 2122 days ago

Veryy Swishh :D

BubbleeeWrap 2236 days ago

(L)your friggen just gorj arent you lol lol xxxxx

Roochum 2237 days ago


Ashleysarahx 2237 days ago

Mr miller, u are the most fantasic actor i have EVER clapped eyes on!! and may i say THE MOST SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH!!!!! x love ur biggest fan EVVVER!!!!! xxxxxxx

JBndubzLOVATO1D 2237 days ago

ahaha looking good there Danny (Y) ahah seems fun (: xx

Sarah_x__x 2237 days ago

Looks like fun :)

crocowli 2237 days ago

It's a "you talkin' to me" face ^^ Robert De Niro much, much younger :D

bekalicous 2237 days ago

The sexist man on t.v wish u had facebook as my blackberry pics won't work yet xx

laura_dancer 2237 days ago

haaa your face, i love it :') xx

sazzy69 2237 days ago

HAHA. Well done on last night's show. You were amazing. Be proud of yourself. Well acted. X

Tourrettes2 2237 days ago

Bet its freezin on set? ;) your the man!

TheCrazyFreak 2237 days ago

Haha, that actually looks awesome. xD

JadeClifford_LJ 2237 days ago

haha! love the face your pullin!

Ciara_Ronayne 2237 days ago

haha.. a real sexy face you're pulling there.... :P

beebumdebum 2237 days ago

I am suprised there were people left on set with your mug looking like that:P

CesilSanctuary 2237 days ago

aww just as you were spotted on t'webcam ... it looks freeeezing!

Dan_MUFC_19 2237 days ago


Lewishenderson 2237 days ago

nice face ur pullin kidda! Haha :p

DannyBotty 2237 days ago


williamstafford 2237 days ago

Don't give up the day job.