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The day I met Sam Kinison. I never looked at radio the same way again. (Please ignore the sweater)

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2168 days ago

The day I met Sam Kinison. I never looked at radio the same way again. (Please ignore the sweater)


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getsumpunk 2165 days ago

look it's the red headed kid from American pie

nebraska_nick 2166 days ago

nice jeans dickhead!

jesshaedrich 2166 days ago

Why do you look like your 12 year old?

massmojo 2166 days ago

Did you get to meet Kinison for being voted "Sweetest Boy"?

antoine06066 2166 days ago

Damn you where still in diapers Opie! LOL

smiteboy 2167 days ago

A big day in the life of young Kirk Cameron.

RTG623 2167 days ago

Why do all your pictures look fake?

MELMAC88 2167 days ago

damn, opie's really tearing down the walls lately.

bjovi1fan 2167 days ago

really Op when was this pic taken---you look like you were 13/14 yrs old...wow

htrae78 2167 days ago

If only you had the Dorothy Hamil haircut along with the pretzel sweater and bitchin jeans.

StrongIsland 2167 days ago

Thats the best sweater in the history of sweaters.

ANC215 2167 days ago

Can anybody else imagine Kinison taking one look at that sweater and yelling "Oh MY FUCKING GOD !! OH..Oh...OOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!" ~ RIP Sam & Spuds

gordongetgo 2167 days ago

ignore it??? it's funnier than Sam!

Goofy1148 2167 days ago

HOw old were you...ten?

shawmang 2167 days ago


adam_esq 2167 days ago

Like you mother always said, wear clean underwear(underpants)and never wear a cheesy 80's sweeter. Sam k. rules may he rest in peace.

misterswarvey 2167 days ago

Looks like Randy Quaid should be flying Opie's head into the gaping maw of Sam Kinison's mothership-sized face. I'm baaaaaaack!

EdFromJersey 2167 days ago

hey did you get that outfit at Chess King? A-Homoooo

iamodie 2167 days ago

ah....faggot....chooooo !!!

rexdart936 2167 days ago

looks like the sweater of a spuds buckley impersonator.