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Anthony and I hanging out with Green Day.

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2621 days ago

Anthony and I hanging out with Green Day.


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alexplawnmower 2616 days ago

wow... they are really underground

nebraska_nick 2618 days ago

nice hair op......

duckweedmafia 2619 days ago

Opie gets a handjob from Metallica, Ant gets his balls fondled by Green Day.

thedoomrider 2620 days ago


iamodie 2620 days ago

love the emo hair !!

rexdart936 2620 days ago

is ant sleeping? or is that a richard flashback? cheeep cheeep cheeep.

MikeNeve 2620 days ago

Ant just wants that douche to get away from his balls

opieandanthony 2621 days ago

Look at the events board. Green Day, Creed, 311. Nice guest. It's funny how things change.

drchuck68 2621 days ago

American Idiots!

djwedge73 2621 days ago

Let me guess....Rocco was to your left eating a half a ham? DOOOOOOOD!!!!

manselman 2621 days ago

Op you've got kurt Cobain hair... hair not head!

manselman 2621 days ago

Is Ants hair pulled back into a pony tail?

speedmetal 2621 days ago

Who is the guy on the far left? He doesn't look like a rock star, he looks more like my old Science Teacher.

Angelswatch 2621 days ago

is that one of anthony's nuts in his hand

Lady_Trucker 2621 days ago

Do you have the time to listen to me wine! Opie your upper lip is dirty!

treefortrichard 2621 days ago

in front of the "REAL ROCK TV" banner :)

adam_esq 2621 days ago

Classic o and a photo opp love it!!!

Bralio 2621 days ago

yes, that does make scents.

Ranamanahana 2621 days ago

Ant has black balls! It all makes sence!!

Kryz167 2621 days ago

That's just one of Ant's pubes he's holding