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Earlier tonight, other awards went to...

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2413 days ago

Earlier tonight, other awards went to...


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DariaDAMMIT 2407 days ago

That BETTER have gone to Rissa & Todd. WHAT?! There can be a tie. God knows they put up w/ enuf from u! ;-}

godgess 2407 days ago

You look soooooooo fine xxxx

gouldlambchop 2411 days ago

You dress so damn cool allllllll the time I LOVE IT!!!!

Shayblaizen 2413 days ago

This is a hot pic.
LOL! You're funny! Love it!

briexo 2413 days ago

Cute! be my friend. :P

ludstrawberry 2413 days ago

oh, just look really really cute, as already said. you're so sweet :)

disciplinecc 2413 days ago

What a nice treat to come home to after work.....been waiting all day for this.

leni_lava 2413 days ago

i wish i had one of those ...a friend sigh !

uhhuhher 2413 days ago

haha awesome!

jjimmy65 2413 days ago

that statue is soo freakin metal..i want one!

infoliberation 2413 days ago

That's what she said.

lori_may 2413 days ago

but can you balance that on your chin?

JessicaSarahS 2413 days ago

Hahaha! Cute :D

Golden_tooth 2413 days ago

Haha! (Stands and applauds)

spinnerpr 2413 days ago

Who are you wearing?

theamazingPeebs 2413 days ago

And your acceptance speech was under 140 characters?

callisto337 2413 days ago

how cute

bonniegrrl 2413 days ago

Speech! Speech!

man_d 2413 days ago


Ambersonian 2413 days ago

hahaha That was a great way to start my day...thanks for the smile :)