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Jimmy's new winter look!

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2649 days ago

Jimmy's new winter look!


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aholecop 2636 days ago

needs a sword

beko610 2646 days ago

nice flava flave glasses..

jojo5051 2646 days ago

all he needs now is one of opie's sweaters

FlyTechGuy 2646 days ago

Ziggy? That you?

MelissaY1 2647 days ago

I actually go to work looking very much like this during the winter...no ski mask but a scarf up to my nose and sunglasses and a hat usually

iamodie 2648 days ago

denzel with whit features !!

theangryone 2648 days ago

Very uni-bomberish Jimmy. I like it.

suggums 2648 days ago

allah akbar! allah akbar!

andrewgodin 2648 days ago

Snake Eyes was my favorite G.I. Joe too.

Crinklex2 2648 days ago

Almost as creepy as this guy http://pikchur.com/mpg

FuhQ 2648 days ago

which way is norf?

The_OMPT 2648 days ago

I got the same hat for my birthday! Warm and anything that makes u look like a ninja is awesome!

axpro 2648 days ago

Is the lil fellah even in there????

adam_esq 2649 days ago

Hay Dark man! Preparing to do a show in Alaska are ya? or are you showing off what you got for your Birthday? Happy Birthday Jimmy!

surfingtrucker 2649 days ago

Lookin like a Bazooka Joe character.

drought1 2649 days ago

Ted the ninja?

En4cer45 2649 days ago

If he had a red sweatshirt i think he would look like the old 7up mascot the dots

sammysanchez 2649 days ago

Jimmy is adorable.

fr3d_ 2649 days ago

Wayfarers?!? Jimmy is soooo hip!

hotshot70 2649 days ago

the "Uni-joke-bomber". BOO