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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Oil spill of guld of Mexico.

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1878 days ago

Oil spill of guld of Mexico.


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zephyorg 1828 days ago

石油文明は終わった・・・・ 次はいよいよ、自然エネルギーの日本文明!! みんなっ!! 用意出来てる!? いくぞぉ~~~~~~っ!♪

gomidar 1865 days ago


grynza 1870 days ago

es increible esa imagen!! espero q tomemos conciencia!!!

Tziliara 1871 days ago

How can we stop this! #oilspill .You saw it ???

laudy12 1872 days ago

it is hard to pick

TheDimpledRN 1872 days ago

The pride of the gulf south.....look what they did to our water...our animals, our livelihoods. Corporate irresponsibility at its best. #tears

dhirak 1872 days ago

ho ho---

samrobertsonnn 1872 days ago

ugh this was done out of greed. yuck. fuck them,

ELRODAK 1873 days ago

it is hard to pick

PauValdesM 1873 days ago

this is so sad :(

ViniSaporta 1873 days ago


ninanoah26 1873 days ago

2012 will happen coz of carelessness towards our nature.

Hotz_Cris 1873 days ago

muito triste

amidextrixxz 1873 days ago

this NEEDS CLEANED UP! DEAD SEA TURLES MARINE LIFE our whole eco is going to hell ..because of our carelessness what we take two steps forward now hundreds of steps back !

blackmamah 1873 days ago

i wanna cry everytime i see any images about this.

flyaprilfly 1873 days ago

they did this on purpose people stop being a zombie they create all these disasters on purpose. They WANT TO KILL THE GULF OF MEXICO it means nothing to them

XoxoLust 1873 days ago

& how come nobody is doing something about this? Think of nature, the animals, the water.

KrylonVision 1873 days ago


thabossnikki 1873 days ago

does this happen on purpose?

_1738_ 1873 days ago

And nobody seems to care. Nothing is being done. #OilSpill