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Kosi River near a ferry landing.  A difficult area for polio prevention, but real progress being made...

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1837 days ago

Kosi River near a ferry landing. A difficult area for polio prevention, but real progress being made...


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srirsridhar2 1183 days ago

we had done duty during Kosi flood relief during August 2008

SuraJakaRayne 1782 days ago

Cool pic !

leitevanderlei 1800 days ago

Lá em cima,tem uma mão os protegendo.Aqui em baixo,alguem está olhando por vcs.bjs

samantha_bee123 1801 days ago

SIR, u r an incredible person n ur gesture of helping simply awesome,may GOD bless u.

catplay 1801 days ago

sometimes I wonder why we get to live like we do in the us, while the majority lives like this

KarineOesteBa 1812 days ago

Kosi rio perto de um desembarque da balsa. Uma área difícil para a prevenção da poliomielite, mas o progresso real que está sendo feito ...

j_pala 1812 days ago

talk about reality check ~

smit__kumar 1812 days ago

Thank u sir for visitin there were many of its own ppl do no like to visit

sbhatwalkar 1813 days ago

thanks for your selfless help, sir

dkothari73 1816 days ago

UrFutureToday 1817 days ago

Want to know your future?

AshutoshALP 1819 days ago

Dear Sir, You are Genius as always. Glad to have you in India.

kaniekanie 1819 days ago

2 chronicle 7:14 needs to be your manifest in making a difference in the world. Healing the world

kasvekat 1820 days ago

we would really appreaciate if you share with us.........Thanks

kasvekat 1820 days ago

what exactly make you to visit such country like africa,india,ethopia and other backword places..........

kasvekat 1820 days ago

Grt to c you in have billions of dollars what you get from here that your money cant buy.

aniask 1820 days ago

thanks sir for your generosity.........

Trealzzeun 1821 days ago

Thanks... you are still a nicer person.
I have really wanted to meet you....
now.. I meet you... Amazing...!!
Twitter become a bridge.... Thanks...

B_AK 1821 days ago

sir thanks for cumin to india....and helpin our poor...........evry child to big person is a fan of u