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Scott77111F 2390 days ago

Hmmm when you get blue Balls , your Sperm comes out Blue .
Finally Proof .

Scott77111F 2390 days ago

Hmmm I lost some Sperm a few days also . But I lost mind in a dark , wet, small cave .

tanya_marie34 2391 days ago

Knightgriever, YOU are the exact reason why whores shouldn't have kids.

dnarock 2395 days ago

Poor little dude. He is proactive though! Ya'll should read Where do Balloons Go, by Jamie Lee Curtis, Awesome book!

dnarock 2395 days ago

You are the reason some folks should just shut their pie hole. What are YOU doing to help people? Why do you follow her if u feel that way? Wait, don't answer that because I don't care.

KnightGriever 2396 days ago

You are the exact reason why whores shouldnt have kids

Jonbg1 2396 days ago

Aww. I'll keep a watch out for it. :)

ReginaRussell 2396 days ago

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

KelliBolton 2396 days ago

I think I see it floating into Australia, wow this balloon means business!

furbabys 2396 days ago

It was spotted by Satellite Near MooN? Call Nassau 4 look out! Better get Movin 4 Evan's sake NOW!

hollyhepburn9 2396 days ago

If it makes it to NJ Ill let you know. ;)

pinkjgo 2396 days ago

you know what's funny....I actually saw and orange one this morning. If I see a blue one in Orange'll be the first to know.

pinkjgo 2396 days ago

Oh bless his little heart. I hope he gets it back soon *wink* blue...with blue string?

nurseraquel212 2396 days ago

Oh poor baby tell evan if it lands in ok I will certainly send it back

AlyzabethM 2396 days ago

Aww, poor kid! Maybe he needs a bigger and better balloon really soon.

zappa2001 2396 days ago

I've lost so many that I don't even count anymore.

_likeahurricane 2396 days ago

aww been there done that. I hope he finds one he likes better, really soon.

Scott77111F 2396 days ago

I found it , You can drive to Ohio and get it , if you want .

mjadams83 2396 days ago

If it hits Connecticut you will be the first to know

ChelseaTN5 2396 days ago

Aww, that sucks! Tell him I'm looking for it in TN