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Filmmaker. Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout.

Here is a photo of the keepsake box I made for a friend.

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2441 days ago

Here is a photo of the keepsake box I made for a friend.


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Irethsurion 1942 days ago

You probably only make these for friends but may I have one as well??? Please?

DustinBass1 1948 days ago

Man, this box has personality. :)

Fronsee_Jr21x 2188 days ago

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nn111333555 2400 days ago

That's so nice. Handmade gifts are the best. Did you figure out if yr "connected to the moon" yet?

_clarice_ 2419 days ago

you make me love orange

JosephCacace 2431 days ago

Beautiful... Both Art Decoish and Lynchian at the same time : )

GiorgiaTarascio 2431 days ago

wow, a crocodile

LismusLism 2438 days ago

zick zack zick zack....

paulaannev 2439 days ago

Hand-made presents are the best. Something to be treasured. Not many people do that for friends these days. Very nice.

routenoir 2439 days ago


strayfilms 2439 days ago

Thats probably where the owl ring is kept.

VintageAmethyst 2439 days ago

Love the box, love the photo too.

bradblackdesign 2439 days ago

I would put an enemy's eviscerated heart in this.

GaelLeCornec 2440 days ago

Amazing! I would keep letters in that! What size is it?

MasterMahem 2440 days ago

It looks so precious I would need you to make me an even bigger keepsake box to keep this one in, so it would not get damaged. Wait, the bigger one could get damaged too, so I'm gonna need a third even bigger one, too. Yeah, that should do it...Oh wait...

Aokigahara 2440 days ago

It looks like it wants to eat my hand.

Busy_issy 2440 days ago

Where are the mites?

mariaappletree 2440 days ago

can i be your friend?

Patagonika 2440 days ago

wow... you have so many talents!

manualoverride 2441 days ago

Beautiful box. Looks uncharacteristically easy to open, though.