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1904 days ago


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LadyNiko 1896 days ago

You know it's time for a diet when you have to wear a bra to support your MAN BOOBS! *lol*

gamebossftw 1903 days ago

Lmao! Who's all that sexiness for?

brondavies 1903 days ago

How long did he have to diet to fit into that?

joe_sewell 1903 days ago

Aw, man, and I was eating lunch!

trinlayk 1904 days ago


kmmccracken 1904 days ago

I'd tap that.

narelle 1904 days ago

Isn't he the talkative one from Penn and Teller?

csimmons 1904 days ago

Woah... that is SEVENTEEN shades of WRONG!

cloverest 1904 days ago

I love you guys.

P1LaughingMan 1904 days ago

LoL! :D

ClockworkRat 1904 days ago

Ah, the look of her confidence is unmatched.

jelly_snail 1904 days ago

I am blind now! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......

DarthJay 1904 days ago

MY EYES!!!!!

alexandriash 1904 days ago

Oh. Oh, MY.

groonk 1904 days ago

Just letting you know. This pic broke my tweetdeck app.

JermCool 1904 days ago

It burns us, precious!!!

IvanLopMor 1904 days ago


dragonfire20 1904 days ago

Oh my...that'

TB5918 1904 days ago

AAAAAA! My eyes! My beautiful, beautiful eyes!

ticketyboo72 1904 days ago