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A wolf wears a dress!

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2254 days ago

A wolf wears a dress!


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Granny_Mae 2247 days ago

i want to lick that mole SO bad. i call him brownie!!

alexplawnmower 2249 days ago


nebraska_nick 2251 days ago

nice hair fezzie....

FlyTechGuy 2251 days ago

I guess he likes it on his back.

RNMark 2252 days ago

Damn it! I have the same Sean Jean eyeglass frames! But less back hair.

Markuspea 2252 days ago

Great. Now what am I supposed to do with this gigantic boner?

trexx65 2252 days ago

Fez brings sexy BACK!!!!!

Eric2443 2253 days ago

My God that is scary!

djheatherww 2253 days ago

fez that is the same dress u had on at paul o's wedding..get a new one would ya. any diva knows you dont wear the same dress twice and have your picture taken in it

griffs24 2253 days ago

God thats disturbing.

hamrickmark 2253 days ago

Buffalo Back! Buffalo Back!

locollection 2253 days ago

They really hould have shaved his back along with his head...

uncabubba 2253 days ago

This is wrong on soooo many levels.

opiefan 2253 days ago

he needs a map of HI.

drought1 2254 days ago

I'm Harvey Milk and I want to recruit you!

BHite15 2254 days ago

nice sandwich

heatherewf 2254 days ago

Steve must be one of Fez's cubs.

vinnymack 2254 days ago

I wanna check out his TITS

vinnymack 2254 days ago

I made a cumzies

vinnymack 2254 days ago

Fez is one sexy bitch