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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

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Om my god! The master of ceremonies Fezzy!!

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2036 days ago

Om my god! The master of ceremonies Fezzy!!


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cheeseflosser 2011 days ago

8 mre beers and I'd hit that!

BigJon9981 2028 days ago

Haven't listened to Ron & Fez in a while but is it still a mystery if Fezzie is gay, because if it is I have an answer.

Granny_Mae 2029 days ago

what's that bulge below your knee?? very impressive fezzie!

alexplawnmower 2031 days ago


RNMark 2034 days ago

After careful consideration, I think we're looking at a reincarnated Kate Hepburn.

timbrews 2034 days ago

: not MILF, but rather FILF!

timbrews 2034 days ago

and THAT'S what makes him Fez!

adam_esq 2035 days ago

How Hollywood of you Fezzy! Ready for the Red carpet indeed. Are you ready for your close-up.....oh mister damill

djheatherww 2035 days ago

his parents must be proud!

ChanceRush 2035 days ago

I think Fez needs to come up with a new secret, I am thinking the other one is out of the bag...

41bartender 2035 days ago

come into my lil booth lil boy and tell me your confession!

uncabubba 2035 days ago

Yeah right. Virginal White?

SickSean 2035 days ago

damn why does he look like my childhood therapist

captainned 2035 days ago

I think some kind of necklace would make the look complete...

seraphimsynonym 2035 days ago

god she's so beautiful

phillyfranko 2036 days ago

Is That Drew Carey ? or Fez Marie Carey

mcshawnboy 2036 days ago

What's your secret Fez?

the_mr_coffee 2036 days ago


shawmang 2036 days ago

With those glasses he sort of looks like Eric Gagne w/ a dress

HeatherHeight 2036 days ago