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The Trek Unity TT bike is....uh....too fast?

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2096 days ago

The Trek Unity TT bike is....uh....too fast?


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DaveChu 2085 days ago

This may all ready been said but:
[Cop] Where are you hiding the jelly donuts?

adriangar 2091 days ago

Lance tu eres mi idolo desde que yo era pequeño. Llevo un tatuaje escrito en tailandes que significa Livestrong. Espero que puedas ganar el Tour 2010. Daria todo lo que estuviese en mi mano. Eres el mayor y mejor deportista de la historia. La gente que te

LeHut 2093 days ago

The guy in front is busted for the FRS heath energy scam...

Cyclefilm 2093 days ago

You guys been doing a little bit of boozing today? Sippin' grandma's cough syrup again?

DareToBrand 2093 days ago

Cop is asking when it will be HIS turn to ride Lance's wheel.

codyman01 2093 days ago

caption: "If you want to go fast, you have to Spread-Eagle the bike like this!"

julianaWM 2094 days ago

He was determined to get LA's autograph, one way or another.

nedkellys 2094 days ago

Ha Ha nice one Mr Armstrong .

suzzi4u 2095 days ago

Looks exactly like the cop who pulled me over for exceeding the speed limit while riding......through a stop sign. I got off with a mere spanking.

Proxima_Leo 2095 days ago

That cop`s bike wouldn`t be fast enough to catch Contador....I`d bet.

tbc312 2095 days ago


DrDuran 2095 days ago

read the comments ^^ some people just don't get it...LOL

StevGar 2095 days ago

Next up, the cool Trek TT Tandem.

BrettWeichbrod 2095 days ago

Typical cops of Santa Barbara, nothing better to do than bug cyclists

JohnAVance 2095 days ago

Please, lawyer up and yank this out of control cop's leash, for all of us.

JohnAVance 2095 days ago

This was harassment. If he does this to you he does it to lots of other cyclists...

nikonjaap 2095 days ago

rip them balls off lance hahaah

iam_2witter 2095 days ago

Lance, going too fast??? I got a speeding ticket for going too fast on my Mt. bike.. paid $250.00 for the fine.

nicobarbe 2095 days ago

Armstrong rattrapé par la patrouille... Génial il commence à aller vite ^^ !

BuyWire 2095 days ago

LOL Priceless! Now if we could just get this guy to police the Rock Store climb on weekends we might have something. #WheresACopWhenUNeedOne