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"come sit on daddy's lap" fuck yeah.

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2243 days ago

"come sit on daddy's lap" fuck yeah.


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RobsRcd 2227 days ago

*FAINT* are, YOU ARE! lol RT Whose your daddy? Say it. Out loud.

sluttypattz 2227 days ago

Whose your daddy? Say it. Out loid.

RobPatzonline 2227 days ago

I so want to be put over those legs and get spanked by him FML #Domward

RobPatzonline 2242 days ago

Absolutley freakin' hot. You can just imagine him saying "Be a good girl and come and sit on daddy's knee" FML #RobHumping

slowie 2242 days ago

fucking hot

RobPatzonline 2243 days ago

You both let out a moan as your lips meet, his tongue searching yours, both still as you adjust to the intensity, he pulls you closer, begins to slowly move in you

Rookie8278 2243 days ago

he guides you out of them, no words spoken, his eyes fixated on you, he pulls you onto him, his hands press you down as he slides into you

RobPatzonline 2243 days ago

--Grazing the very edge of your panties, he hooks one finger ubderneath, edging them down slowly

RobPatzonline 2243 days ago

He whispers, huskily, his voice full of want "The things I want to do to you.." His hand moves to your ass, squeezing it, whilst the other trails down your tummy, his finger tips

Rookie8278 2243 days ago

you groan, the wet touch of his tongue leaves a trail on your skin, the night air catches on it, sending shivvers through you, he makes his way up towards your ear

RobPatzonline 2243 days ago

You run your hands down his chest, tracing the contours of abs with your fingertip, he moves his lips to your neck, running his tongue along your skin

Rookie8278 2243 days ago

off you*

Rookie8278 2243 days ago

he throws his head back quickly, sheer pleasure showing on that beautiful face, he grins, looking at you he grabs your hips and pulls you close to him, he takes the elastic of your panties between his teeth and pulls back slightly, never takin his eyes of

RobPatzonline 2243 days ago

Hayley you kill me. :O You bite your lip, grinning, knowing exactly what he wants, teasingly run your finger tips over the waist of his boxers, pulling them back and then releasing in the same motion, causing them to snap slightly against his skin, elicit

SweetieBella 2243 days ago

Mmmm... so delicious *licking my lips*

Rookie8278 2243 days ago

The beads of sweat slipping down his chest, running downwards over his happy trail, soaking into his boxers, he looks down then flashes his eyes at you suggestively, flicking his eyebrows up with that 'you know what i want' look with his crooked smile

RobPatzonline 2243 days ago

Fuck our lives, Hayley, fuck our fucking patty jizz craving lives. :O What about him doing his nervous hand through hand gesture, the hornier he get's the more he does it, his cheeks flushed, sweat sliding down his bare chest, the muscles in his arms more

SpunkFuzz 2243 days ago

gladly! ;)

Rookie8278 2243 days ago

Carls, oh baby im *dead* imagining him saying that, licking his lips slowly and seductively, giving us THAT come fuck me stare...FUCK OUR LIVES!!!

TwiChick1918 2243 days ago

I'll sit on that lap!!!!