Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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1939 days ago


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Yarathsin 1755 days ago

WOW! where's the floor and where is the ceiling here???
Mr Carrey's world's upside down!? of course! if not how could you be touching the stars!?
Hey! watch out behind (under?) you! guitar! guitar! jackson or an ibanez?

emaerDemertX 1786 days ago

:O....I love so much this pic!

joe_potatoe 1811 days ago


RakyAlice 1815 days ago

OMG yeah ,
complicated but splendid <3

MrsLammy77 1821 days ago

UR so PRETTY and SO HOT at the same time...can I give U a #BOING =.^)

thereal_asa 1829 days ago

"Jim Carrey" the most creative and inventive person ever. Cool photo very YOU!

lillakovacs 1838 days ago

Amazing picture just like your ripping movies. Best wishes for you from Hungary.

Beckaboopy 1840 days ago


Stephiiadeline 1842 days ago


Zenkipduss 1847 days ago

wow!such a lovely illusion:)

jimazul 1863 days ago

mas q lindo esa foto PERFECTO enzima de color blue q mas se puede pedir te ama y decea lo mejor naty

sue_sthefy 1865 days ago

hmmm u look like a child...that is cute!! (please don't hate me xD)

HarryGraves 1866 days ago

you're the best!!!! o/

Naydeeners1989 1878 days ago

ZOMFG! You on da wall? *gasps* XDD

Dessa_Carre 1904 days ago


TeresaTeater 1906 days ago

Jim, I turned the computer over to see if your are suspended,Ithink your in side a coffee table or a sculpter? Who plays the Guitar handle I see in background?

chatkathleen 1913 days ago

Oh and I loved you in "Little Miss Sunshine" and couldn't help but wonder if that movie triggered the past for you in your own life?

chatkathleen 1913 days ago

Jim~So when will you ever come and visit Sacramento? What are your memories here?

Broniaa 1914 days ago


lspearman1 1917 days ago

I would like to see this better..I just can't figure it out..It's over my head It don't take to much to be over my head..ha ha Have a good day........................