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Village meeting place

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2239 days ago

Village meeting place


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i wish u to be ma dady


i can not believe that high class people can initiate wit poor ones thats a lie bill gats

JaisonEbenzer 1807 days ago

I can't believe it sir ! Amazing !!! High cast people never go to such a poor villages ...Thank you..

ZVanderleii 2174 days ago

Dignidade,é só isso que essas pessoas querem e merecem

SuraJakaRayne 2183 days ago

Hey dude where it iz nice place to hang out man!! Well i must say you are the only living eg. of humanity and kindness a grand sluite to ew boss mr. Rich!!..

manitwitting 2197 days ago

Its everybody duty, we taken from this world.. we giving to this world.. Appreciation to Gates

nanilove99 2200 days ago


ZVanderleii 2201 days ago

E nós ainda reclamamos da vida.Basta vê-los para ficarmos mais humildes.

rishiria 2213 days ago

we had a Mothertheresa now v grt to having Fathergates

atauldilse 2213 days ago

you are definitely the angel for many... u r a hope... u r really great sir.... i salute u for ur work..

PartaGultom 2213 days ago

You are blessing one...

sandyc4264 2214 days ago

Thanks for all you do!

roshani7 2215 days ago

thanks a lot for donation.

Jignesh_Rita 2215 days ago

Thanks a lot Sir!!!

birnet1 2216 days ago

you are great man in world . you are second god.

JoanCastronuevo 2217 days ago

Its all About Doing what u like to do. and U Sir is doing that Travel Helping People that need help and changing the World. I like what you Did in the past, Cos of what u did i can right a letter to you now. you improve teachnology and people lives.....yo

puneet013 2217 days ago

U r a fabulous personality ever dear!!!!!!!!

puneet013 2217 days ago

I like to be you Mr. Bill Gates, & I'll be

10061990 2221 days ago

you r doing well sir,and my reqest to establish an iit ins. for poor people to uplift education.

manojkok 2223 days ago

You are great sir ..