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In the UP village to meet with local women making a difference.

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2026 days ago

In the UP village to meet with local women making a difference.


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ammosturdy 1608 days ago

but I'm sure you've taken all that into consideration :)

ammosturdy 1608 days ago

what I meant was that you may hand over the money but it doesn't mean it will go to the people who need it

ammosturdy 1608 days ago

You have to becareful because a lot of people in such countries can take the money for themself

ullas831 1856 days ago

Respected Mr. Gates and Mrs. Melinda,
I feel very fortunate to contact you.
May God Bless You and your staff.
JKP non profit charitable an international organization in India, helping heart breaking very poor poulation since 2001, in West Part of Indi

ullas831 1932 days ago

Respected Mr. Bill Gate,
God is so great that personality like Mr.Bill Gate is visiting In UP the Part of India.
I wish more rich people will understand poor people's life like Mr. Bill Gate and Mrs. Melinda Gate.Thank you sir to visit our India.
May G

ullas831 1934 days ago

Respected Mr. Bill Gate & mrs. Malinda,
Jagadguru kripalu Parishat is an International Charitable, non-profit Organization in Mangarh Village (Pratapgarh District, UP).
It has completed the construction of Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay the first ful

Rpschauhan6090 1954 days ago

Gr8 and noble cause.....make sure the money goes to the rite people

techtweat 1958 days ago

Dear Mr Gates, Please don't believe in the words of the politician standing in front of you.......

leitevanderlei 1988 days ago

Tenho certeza,que neste dia,vc dormiu ao lado de Deus,porque eles ai,oraram por vc

AdiAklekar 1992 days ago

May God Bless You Mr Gates For Such A Noble Cause

xiaowen06 1999 days ago

Great Man , There are two types of people: - One who works
One takes credits

manganoo 2004 days ago

I love Microsoft

panthershah 2008 days ago

ur mankindness helps the world to lead in the way of development

B_AK 2009 days ago

than u sir for cumin to india...........

JahannoorBano 2011 days ago

I love Microsoft and your money ;)

Sairam_B 2013 days ago

Great to see you in india sir ! We hope you will continue your help for developing rural places :)

amolkagde 2013 days ago

Really awesome to see you in india again... Thanks for visit our country. we are looking for high..

iamrajatgarg 2013 days ago

You were so near to me.... could have almost met you. My bad. Wish I was Rahul or one of those women. I could have had a chance to worship .... you are a Lord. Sure are doing a work to prove that. Huge fan. God bless you sir.

ashish2loveable 2014 days ago

bcoz... they have some HOPE.. that u RICH AMERICAN...can bring some change which the cheap indian politicians couldnt!!1

ashish2loveable 2014 days ago

u now might hav known hw hard their life is ! yet they make a difference ...nd u know why they came 2 c u??