Levi Leipheimer


Team Astana Cyclist

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2845 days ago


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AaronStevenson 2844 days ago

Do you weigh your food? Chris' response: "Yep, I weigh every one of them to make sure the baker isn't cheating me."

wklj 2844 days ago

That why he was OTB early today?

mbartko 2844 days ago

Chris HOMER!

WWOLFRAVEN 2844 days ago

Ay corumba, dude!

shanefit 2844 days ago

If it isn't filled then it can't be any worse than two chocolate long johns. Eat four and I'll be impressed. That's a challenge, btw.

joshhikes 2844 days ago


joehoward55 2845 days ago

I just doubled my cholesterol meds because I looked at it.

catrevey 2845 days ago

Bear Claw.... I'd call that a Sasquatch Sandwich!

mshoresman 2845 days ago

Can't wait to see the sugar crash after that one!

Bslab 2845 days ago

Who killed Sasquatch and covered him in chocolate? Mmm. Go Go Go today! We're watching & cheering!

brianmckeown 2845 days ago

ummm donuts

yimtland 2845 days ago

I guess Levi will burn that off in the first hill today...

SarahTrejo 2845 days ago

That is HUGE

bleakley 2845 days ago

OMG That is not right!

turbopollo 2845 days ago

Does that go with the hightops brought in the other day?

RoqDawg 2845 days ago

Looks like it's the size of Michael Phelps foot. Hope Phelps didn't make it and add an extra ingredient.

Nipperk 2845 days ago

Not sure what that would taste like but my bet is that IT WOULD NOT BE GOOD FOR YOUR HEART :(

TheStott 2845 days ago

It's bigger than his face!

cyclingmaniac 2845 days ago

Whoa no wonder team Astana is so fast, best of luck today. You should sell those jackets they are nice