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2403 days ago


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Vepar_DJ 2402 days ago

Nice promo. I'd love to get my hands on the script, apparently it's the shit.

Wojtq 2402 days ago

I have always imagined Lynch as a black person! F*CK YEAH.

JakeItterly 2403 days ago

maybe, just maybe, he actually is

ChucklesBrown 2403 days ago

Already? no images?

Lo117 2403 days ago

They named a black guy lynch lol fail

AgentMcQueen 2403 days ago

Nice! I hope it works though, somehow...

NYCkid 2403 days ago

Jamie Foxx is kool and all but um, what the fuck? #CastingFail

RandyMW 2403 days ago

I dont know if anyone knows it. but. Jamie Foxx is not a 50 year old white man.

Philosonaut 2403 days ago