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1534 days ago

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yenrod 1534 days ago

Bradley Wiggins shock weight gain !

Dave_Southall 1534 days ago

Sky launches greyhound racing team. Brailsford's first signing denies biological passport anomalies.

blair_houghton 1534 days ago

They call it a Dogma, and I just'd give me a tryout.

cp53a 1534 days ago

Never understand humans - all that effort just to wear something pink!

dimspace 1534 days ago

Do i look fat in this?

blair_houghton 1534 days ago

you want me to pee in a what?

PercyVera 1534 days ago

My last one..... 'I've got a bone for those podium girls'

PercyVera 1534 days ago

Rupert Murdog

cp53a 1534 days ago

Hope Wiggo is not sneaking that bloody energy gel into my water bowl. Grrr!

PercyVera 1534 days ago

There's no meat on those bones...bloody cyclists!

simonmacmichael 1534 days ago

So sorry, dear boy... I thought the audition was for Hound of the Bicycles!

Doctor_Hutch 1534 days ago

Recruitment consultant misunderstands Sky's request for a new lead-out man.

KarolMcD 1534 days ago

Should have taken crash insurance with Churchill

DanielSibley 1534 days ago

Pinarello's latest DOGma should help to avoid crashes

colnightingale 1534 days ago

whare are you looking at, have you not seen a dog in a Team Sky jersey before?

Joursans 1534 days ago

My owner wasted £70 on this jersey. Imagine how many bones you could buy for that - no wonder I look miserable!

stephenallport 1534 days ago

At least I stayed upright today

Blakey19792008 1534 days ago

Dog of a day for team Sky

jejensen 1534 days ago

I went to a bike race. Didn't get to chase any bikes and had to wear this stupid shirt.

colnightingale 1534 days ago

It's just not fair, Brad's got a pink jersey!