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Mmmm beer. A look at the taps at FH.

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2741 days ago

Mmmm beer. A look at the taps at FH.


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OpeAnt29 2738 days ago

MMMMMMMn! Stella on tap! Stella!!!!

Grovite 2739 days ago

Just need to add Shiner Bock and it would be perfect.

smokingluckys 2740 days ago

Great selection of beers at FH. Interestingly you don't usually see Harp and Bass at the same bar. Nice!

phillyfranko 2740 days ago

Blue Point and Blue Moon NICE !!!

SquatToilet 2740 days ago

Harp on tap, very nice.

jaymep 2740 days ago

not enough NY beers there
honkers ale is nice though

beerthinker 2740 days ago

The FH Breakfast buffet....

Crinklex2 2741 days ago

Guinness. All that matters.

pindexo 2741 days ago

Blue point toasted lager ftw

TruckerBrent 2741 days ago

no moosedrool? Just goin local here!

sidvision 2741 days ago


cnemec 2741 days ago

i cant believe they still have sam adams winter lager...they gotta get in the white ale already!

conman823 2741 days ago

I cant believe Sam Adams would deliver to your bar

mongothetrucker 2741 days ago

I just came.

vtdondiego 2741 days ago

mmmmm, Honkers Ale, best export from Chi-town.

Hey_Asshole 2741 days ago

no Yuengling? But I see Guinness and Bass....Black and Tan....YESSS WDT would be proud!

therebelse7en 2741 days ago

Y no love for Yuengling? Does the philly crew know about this?

WoodFloorLicker 2741 days ago

Smithwicks! NICE! Someone was doing their homework on fine Irish beers!

syntax138 2741 days ago

wow ithaca on tap! central new york seeing some love at FH.

ChadGraham 2741 days ago

Never seen a bar with this many beers on tap! is that Stella Artois I see?!?! best beer I had while in Hungary :)I need to stop by FH next time I pass through NY city