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Evil Big A! He just tried to order a baby for dinner at FH.

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2713 days ago

Evil Big A! He just tried to order a baby for dinner at FH.


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FlyTechGuy 2709 days ago

Is he doing his DeNiro impression?? Oh that's right, that's everyday.

ChanceRush 2710 days ago

Is he evil or just trying to say something that starts with "st"

mveneman 2711 days ago

Does he own a shirt without a big grease stain on it? Never seen a pic without one.

razorroman 2711 days ago

e That shirt Big A has on is the shirt I call "The Big A Shirt" ... when it went on clearance at Casual Male, I tried to get on myself, but I couldn't find one that had too many X's in the size :(

phillycheeze 2712 days ago

I could stare at him for hours, but he stares back.

trekker79 2712 days ago

"Owen!" tell me that doesnt look like throw momma from the train

aholecop 2712 days ago

toilet cam????

truckinj 2712 days ago

O hi Fez

RogerQ 2712 days ago


hgratacos_1 2712 days ago

st...st....st.....stop st...st....stearing

OandA_Pest 2712 days ago

Not as sweaty as usual. Strange!

mlh_arb 2712 days ago

Did Opie change his hair style and offer Big A tickle-me-elmo.

HammondEgger 2712 days ago

That's what his mother sees every time she looks in her basement .

shoe_askew 2713 days ago

He "tried" to order a baby for dinner? Doesn't FH have a full service kitchen?

vincelia 2713 days ago

hahaha Pat, you rule

MagicMike 2713 days ago

"I like turtles..."

PatFrmMoonachie 2713 days ago

Someone seems "bitter" ..and "angry"!

bitterangry 2713 days ago

I hate Big A

krystalclr74 2713 days ago

I like to make werewolf movies!