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The King of instant feedback, Steven S from Bayshore and, oh yeah, Sam at FH.

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2801 days ago

The King of instant feedback, Steven S from Bayshore and, oh yeah, Sam at FH.


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opiesbag 2796 days ago

Steven S is the man.

opiesbag 2796 days ago

Sam is a twink, i can't see what Bobby sees in him. {No boobies}

nerdo5 2800 days ago

That Sam sure is scrawny.

MitchInTexas 2800 days ago

Sam looks like he needs his fudged packed.

RNMark 2800 days ago

Ant needs to get his next toupee from the same place that did Steven S's

truckerchic 2801 days ago

Sam is gonna just fall over one day from the weight of his hair

mlh_arb 2801 days ago

Look at them lean in, it looks like a bear and his special twink toasting.

conman823 2801 days ago

Steven S from Bayshore looks like fuckin Meatloaf!

EBone 2801 days ago

The happy couple make a toast!

WillBock 2801 days ago

Sam = anorexic Seth Green or Frankie Muniz

alexMad 2801 days ago

I thought Primetime didn't drink, maybe thats Dr.Pepper in there...

opiefan 2801 days ago

Sam's hair looks like a wig in this pic

crippledalbino 2801 days ago

King of Instant Feedback! Take that, !

WhiskeyTumbler 2801 days ago

is Sam actually drinking beer?

GregCat 2801 days ago

"Daddey I got a flayt tire." Steve's a hoot.

chapel976 2801 days ago

Elvis from Bayshore...

Lady_Trucker 2801 days ago

Sam your upper lip is dirty. Or is that a twink handle bar mustach?

fattypubis 2801 days ago

more like Liberace

mhaugan 2801 days ago

Chimay blue or red? And is that slender girl with the Coors blocking the view of Sam?

Lady_Trucker 2801 days ago

Steve you look like you're parents are Rock Hudson and Elvis. Who's your Daddy?