Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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joe_potatoe 1626 days ago

so jim, whos the guy on the right? erhhm cool imho ;-)

uligi13 1652 days ago


cesarbruno16 1673 days ago

Guy!! Your face make me laugh a lot!!! kkkkkkkkk O_o :)

gailbunni 1691 days ago

Jimmy, James you have the most capturing smile..thanks for sharing

TeresaTeater 1721 days ago

to hot!!! to trot! ,,two really handsome guys,is either single?

lspearman1 1732 days ago

Don't forget some times things are not suppose to be forever just for a while.
Life is a big ol learning experience we just have to hopefully learn and move on..lol

lspearman1 1732 days ago

See how much everyone loves you..
I promise it will be better before you know it!
I promise....

fuchsiaiNK 1737 days ago

you are absolutely wonderful ... that radiates the ultimate #BOING

rockmamayo 1747 days ago

you look so happy! i would never be that happy to be flying somewhere..haha. handsome in leather as well.

Lin4ik94 1750 days ago


csilla_csanki 1751 days ago

Hi, Jim :) Greetings from Hungary :)Great glasses by the way:-D

elifkn 1752 days ago

Seni çok ama çok ama çok seviyorummmm:)))))

cherry_valery 1752 days ago

You look gOOooD )) Just like #BOING %^>

TIOCAPSLOCK 1753 days ago


StoryV 1754 days ago

Save any one yet!

StoryV 1754 days ago

Save any one yet!

StoryV 1754 days ago

Hey PapI looking sexy! OMG we laugh so much here in the bronx for u Yes Man is on the movie channels our fav part is wen u sing and play the gutiar to the guy off the ledge...:) we have a gutiar too! But we cnt sing lke u or play so we havnt been able to

thearseneaults 1754 days ago

The guy with you looks like Bernard Hill. He was King Theoden from Lord of the Rings.

SmiLeturK 1754 days ago

oh my god! How is this handsome. jim carrey years, then not changed at all. Though still handsome as the years go by. I love the teeth jim carrey :)

lifeisgood12345 1754 days ago

i like.