nathan followill


I'm a drummer, lover, smoker, drinker and a thinker.

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1908 days ago


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puprocker5 1887 days ago

Care to share that drink with me? No wait, buy me a #drink instead, tasting it all for myself!

dnz87 1898 days ago

seeing that cup, I gave up seat.

PatriciaKOL 1908 days ago

That would be HOT. Fire in the pants!!!!!

thehollowcreeps 1908 days ago

Wow does that sound good...I wonder how it tastes like...although I think I might have an idea

Oscillatin 1908 days ago

mmmmm.... with dobble vodka pls! ;) Where is the selleri stick?

AnnikaSo 1908 days ago

Treat me. I hope your wife will not be against)))))))))))))))))))))) I love her )))))))))))))

KOLRocksNRules 1908 days ago

Nate, do you still have the hammer cane for the best drummer to put the hammer down since John Bonham of Led Zeppelin??? Rock N Rule!!!

kashmireugenia 1908 days ago

Se ve riqísimo!, I mean, that looks deliciuos! :D
Have a great sunday, and Happy mother's day!

yelsels 1908 days ago

Cheers!!! ^_^

MarisolRock 1908 days ago

it ´ s to early for that!! Looks delicious...congrats to your mom, for have been delivered three super cute boys

JaydDragyn 1908 days ago

wow..for a dude you got some CLEAN nails!!! nice :)

drgordis 1908 days ago

Cool! Enjoy...

ana_lsf 1908 days ago

hahahahaha our nate always drinks! :D