Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

The lady is my Mom. She was curious. The man walking on is Dad. Los Angeles, 1970's.

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2444 days ago

The lady is my Mom. She was curious. The man walking on is Dad. Los Angeles, 1970's.


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motorbikematt 2165 days ago

What an amazing pic! Thanks for sharing these! Better here than a shoebox in the closet...

PamelaEdwards39 2249 days ago

What did your parents think about your character Spock?

laykishuku 2316 days ago

wonderful image

examwizzard 2333 days ago

sad photo.....

CraigInCT 2346 days ago

Lot and his wife?

therealkochansk 2378 days ago

Was this candid or setup? It's beautiful, either way.

curiousbutterfl 2383 days ago

:) Typical, we ladies stop to look, and the husbands keep going! It is a great photo!

supermoves 2386 days ago

Great shot! I really like the composition, and am curious about what she's seeing.

MayberryMellow 2410 days ago

She: Enjoying little vignettes of life in the "light."
He: Well lets just go enjoy life in that "Light."
Love it. LLAP

r_weisburd 2419 days ago

Light creates an edge to her back; his hands melt in it. She=near+sharp. He=far+indistinct.

justcuzz 2424 days ago

The camera loves your parents, a trait that was obviously passed down to you!

nysrcnc 2434 days ago

Curious of many things; as seen in Dad's postured, now surrendered walk, Let's move along, Dear.

awjudge 2435 days ago

that is a great shot.

infotechguy 2435 days ago


kd8bxp 2435 days ago

1st saw this, thought wow what Ray Bradbarry or Alfred Hitchcock movie did I miss? The light and shadows play on each other very well. Very Nice picture.

mamaj2940 2437 days ago

I love this,very nice picture.

loyd59 2437 days ago

perfect composition. mom standing on the foreground is seen first, but the lines of perspective draw our eyes to dad walking into the light and leaving the picture... we wonder what she is looking at and where he is going to...

GlennParrish 2437 days ago

Is that our car behind the tow truck?

Marubeni7 2437 days ago

Masculin - feminin, light - shadow, curiosity - indifference, black wall with holes - white light without holes. So many differences in one pic. Great!

boris_Hameron 2440 days ago

nice memory Mr Nimoy =D Lovely memory...