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I'm at a horse show. @rotca1 is hoping for a blue ribbon➙

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1724 days ago

I'm at a horse show. is hoping for a blue ribbon➙


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ckoliver77 1516 days ago

HaHa,i bet ya a dollar ,he knows where the Bar is! or at least he did !

Camille_Praline 1519 days ago

Hey ! Il est pas très beau ! Non je rigole, mais pas dans mon style ... ^^

KellyStables 1640 days ago

Why have I not seen this until now. This is fantastic.

ManonHoudin 1655 days ago

This horse is beautiful, is an Andalusian, right ? (= I love them. I also love Arabian horses. They are very elegant. These animals are amazing, I admire them very much. They listen to our words, and they fool very loyal..There is a lot to say about them

Tara_Simpson 1723 days ago

is that one of your horses?

MerDivinity 1724 days ago

That horse is stunning!

Fernando1958 1724 days ago

I don't think that guy can win a blue ribbon... he has no tail :)

mommawcheryl 1724 days ago

Looks like a lovely day for a show. Hope that its not too hot. Nothing is more miserable that baking at a show standing at the ring. We showed for years, miss it a lot. Haven't been to a show since my sons death in 2004.

thegoldeneagle 1724 days ago

I've seen _better "teapots" : )

SagaRolfsdotter 1724 days ago

What a coincidence - I'm judging at a horse show tomorrow. The gray is beautiful. Is he yours?

BILLMYK 1724 days ago

Thats awesome, good luck

BILLMYK 1724 days ago

the horse there is gorgeous, but how bout one of you sweetie, ;)

Jonbg1 1724 days ago

Thats a gorgeous horse back there. Have fun!

calebduffy 1724 days ago

Luv horses! Good luck, hope u do well!

ErinEfrederick 1724 days ago

jealous! I miss showing...and that grey is stunning!!

gumicsibe 1724 days ago

good luck ^^

Scott77111F 1724 days ago

Either that ,or He is saying , Bring the Beer down this way .

Scott77111F 1724 days ago

Is that guy , imitating an elephant ? He looks Like Frank on Survivor Africa , when He was doing a Elephant imitation . LOL

scottrichardstr 1724 days ago

the horse show i would demand a blue ribbon myself on not but i will pray for it. I love horses to. FTH

ivangarciazama 1724 days ago