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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Back of my effects-rack. Not what I mean when I say "dirty guitar tone" usually.

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2268 days ago

Back of my effects-rack. Not what I mean when I say "dirty guitar tone" usually.


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nitramdraddil 2265 days ago

Has this been anywhere that damn volcano?

Triv72 2266 days ago

ahh leave it out in the sun, it'll dry off just fine

Disney_Fan01 2267 days ago

Wow... I'm no technition(heck, I can't even SPELL technition right...) but that SERIOUSLY doesn't not look good. I hope you salvage all you can from your equipment!

BTW, cgrape31... nice play on words. xD

KGuitarMeister 2267 days ago

I wish it wasn't so. =(

EBEEEP 2268 days ago

The Aqua-Puss should be fine though being in its element and all, right? I know, not funny. Oh, and please tell me the Trainwreck was at home!

pdlstl 2268 days ago

This reminds me of when you and I were "organizing" your rack back when you were living in the condo. Hope everything is going as well as it can in spite of the circumstances. God bless you BP! Earl

wgOliveri 2268 days ago

Damn it. Why do I look at these when I know they're going to depress me. At least they reissued the Aqua Puss (though I'm sure you had a backup).

JerseygalUK 2268 days ago

LOL to that last comment. But ohhhh maaaan. Sorry to see this!

cgrape31 2268 days ago

Get a little mud on the wires

IvanHBIntTweets 2268 days ago

WoW .Realy "dirty guitar tone" ,sorry to see all this !!

DSauls89 2268 days ago

Im sure there are some collectors that would be interested in this stuff.

NikkieMcIntosh 2268 days ago

How ironic is it that this tour is called H20, like seriously?

ChuckClarkPhoto 2268 days ago

Sir, your equipment makes the lights go blinky blinky!

markbarnhill 2268 days ago

not good!

alfiecatperson 2268 days ago

Wow thanks for showing us these pics really hits home

telezgrl 2268 days ago

no that's certainly more of a 'wet' tone ; ( speechless... sad this had to happen. Did anything survive?

Cantrell_Amanda 2268 days ago

Wish U were sending more cpancake pictures instead of having to send these. Hope U R able to save some of it!

Nate_LT 2268 days ago

But seriously I hope everyone is ok and you can salvage some of your gear.

AlyzabethM 2268 days ago

Wow, that flood really had no mercy.

ttiana 2268 days ago