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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Just took this; some of my road gear, amps, guitars, etc, that were submerged.

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2190 days ago

Just took this; some of my road gear, amps, guitars, etc, that were submerged.


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JoeFlo10 2179 days ago

Brad I have a brand new red Stangray you can borrow, god bless

topper2375 2185 days ago

Was your West Virginia guitar damaged, can it be saved?

willieiam226 2187 days ago

wondering, will there be anything you CAN SALVAGE??

miekeanngirl 2188 days ago

Let me know when the bidding starts

mittensgizmo101 2189 days ago

wow God bless yall!!!

KGuitarMeister 2189 days ago

damn! gotta hate that! :(

wodin77 2189 days ago

did it get the big screen?

telemaster03 2189 days ago

Dang....hope it didn't get the Trainwreck.

Connie_Robinson 2189 days ago

When you are the greatest guitar player in country music, this is nothing but a glitch. The best of Brad is yet to come!

InMyAwEsOmEnEsS 2189 days ago

haha, i'm sorry. I GOT DIBBZ ON UR CRATE!! Jokes. but if u need them 2 hav a good home, well, i'm here! "D i'll trade ya, i got an acoustic. yea, might not be as kewl as all ur xpensive equip but still "(. luv ya, n bless ur heart!

BKuBiCa 2189 days ago

Look at the bright side, the sun is out!

wild59 2189 days ago

Wow! Glad you guys are all ok. Sorry to hear about the equipment. Auctioning them off for charity sounds like a great idea.

lkaio 2189 days ago

So sad! : (

LilWandaCS 2189 days ago

Brad, I am soooo sorry for your "expensive" loss but at least you and the guys and families are safe..things can be replaced.

SueW24 2189 days ago

Such a shame! Your fans are here for you, just name it, we'll try our best to get it done!

MissKaraLyn 2189 days ago

it's like your newest video shoot all over again.. very sad

traceythayer 2189 days ago

last month you were singing about how much you loved the water... JOKING!!

NikkieMcIntosh 2189 days ago

Wow. you got so lucky. Glad you're okay :(

alfiecatperson 2189 days ago

Heartbreaking Glad you and the family are fine!!

CaryMac 2189 days ago

This is seriously just "SOME?" Wow!!!