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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Wanna see what the Cumberland River does to an acoustic guitar?

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2212 days ago

Wanna see what the Cumberland River does to an acoustic guitar?


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keiperj 2204 days ago

Saw a program where a guitar co.bragged anything could be repaired on guitar.They never saw this!!

ZynWoof 2207 days ago


willieiam226 2209 days ago

I 'd say the case, seeped all to YOUR GUITAR! damn shame too

rocknrolltorry 2210 days ago

Wow the bridge won't work sorry this happened... keep on rocking though you know you can play that guitar good

87SavannahMarie 2211 days ago

I have one kinda like that I'll bring it to St.Louis and give it to ya if I can meet ya!!!

mnicholson2003 2211 days ago

wow did the Crooks and the old Fender tele fair?

trammell01 2211 days ago

All you guys are in our prayers...

KGuitarMeister 2211 days ago

hope your other axes weren't damaged 2 much? :/

KGuitarMeister 2211 days ago

ouch! makes me hurt just to see this. :

irthumper 2211 days ago

Holy crap :( like I say, never trust a fart OR a river!

wodin77 2211 days ago

let me know if you need help with the art on damaged guitars. i'd be happy to do that for free.

wodin77 2211 days ago

the damage happens so quickly!

BloggingBuddy 2211 days ago

So sorry Brad!!! O, would you be coming back to Ottawa anytime soon??? I cab hardly wait to see you in concert :-)

InMyAwEsOmEnEsS 2211 days ago

.........i hope that wuzn't ur TREASURED guitar. "*(!! makes me wanna cry if ya did lose the 1's that ment the most 2 u. i know i'd probably cry if "Hank" (my guitar)was destroyed. just hope ya'll were ok. "(

MSuda24 2212 days ago

haha! love the "do not steal picks" sticker on the guitar case picture. Employee theft that high with your guitar picks? I mean hey, I'd want a souvenir too if I passed by it ;)

lkaio 2212 days ago

Anybody thought of an auction? Altho damaged, I bet people would buy the damaged equip. Proceeds to benefit flood victims????

fruitfightgrape 2212 days ago husband and I both worked in the Opry Mills mall and have both lost our jobs since the flood, but seeing this makes me glad my guitar is still intact..

AuntMantha2011 2212 days ago

Wow. Brad, Im so sorry. You and all the others are in my prayers.

Sherry_Foster 2212 days ago

definately artwork now to raise money for the damage. :)

SueW24 2212 days ago

Wow, so sorry Brad! My thoughts have been with all of you!