Jim Carrey


Actor Jim Carrey!

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1537 days ago


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chegallery 960 days ago

WOW!! Jim, you have captured my mind, body and soul...this painting must have cleansed u!

Uwomanfish2 1388 days ago

A beating heart, a bleeding start, the engines roar, luv ur painting Jim :-)

DolphinTreasure 1401 days ago

Excellent use of the primary colors, too. All the aspects of nature flowing into each other.

DolphinTreasure 1401 days ago

Brilliant texture. What is your inspiration?

joe_potatoe 1406 days ago

flamewind shadows? good, how much you want?? ;-)

Radhika_Sewalia 1507 days ago

very good strokes

BlameTheSilence 1513 days ago


gordvass 1517 days ago

Come on baby light my #BOING

FlowerySnicket 1520 days ago

makes me think of flames, I like flames, they are warm and I like warm. :D wonder if thats just a part of a bigger painting. :)

LittleTwister 1526 days ago

Mr Carrey you may not remeber me but i was a little boy at the Bayshore Inn. My mother was the bartender there and you use to spend time with me doinhg kermit the frog and other characters from sesame street i just want to thank you for being good and fun

Yoohoogood 1532 days ago


mndr_wagh 1533 days ago

creativity ^:)^

viscountqueen 1533 days ago

I like it and I get it... can i have it ?

lifeisgood12345 1534 days ago

starry starry night........

lifeisgood12345 1534 days ago

slightly haunting......over rx'd aderall trip reminders. thanks!! really.

lovelytanu 1534 days ago

amazing abstract strokes... i love the color combination..

mzso555 1534 days ago

This painting is the reason I started with twitter! Quite the kind I like!

Chereliz 1534 days ago

For me, it's up there with Starry, Starry Night! Evokes just as much feeling.

nycstreetdancer 1534 days ago

Amazing! So much energy and color, definitely telling of how much you have inside. Thanks for sharing. Come back to New York soon to CREATE! :D

almostfinnish 1535 days ago

What is the title of this piece just out of curiosity?