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My bf's #1 gayest pillow. As I took this pic, he said not to "unduly stretch it."

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1544 days ago

My bf's #1 gayest pillow. As I took this pic, he said not to "unduly stretch it."


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LawnChair22 1306 days ago

I honestly never knew what Jimmy Kimmel looked like.

saintjason 1468 days ago

Your boyfriend is gayer than the men's locker room at the ice capades.

kidabasabe 1468 days ago

that's really creepy and funny

catjungle 1476 days ago

Are you saying he has a number of other gay pillows slightly less gay than this one?

jameson303 1531 days ago

Leave a massive shit on it for when he gets home

swillum 1537 days ago

know who i am sarah k silverman. dont fuck me. i am like a dog. woof woof.

andthesunrose 1543 days ago

there's a wicked semen splatter pattern in the upper right corner.

Rosalynn13 1543 days ago

I have a pillow with ur face on it. Is that weird?? :-o

DAWNDY1212 1543 days ago

???Im confused? i could have sworn you said you were gay? on the joy behar show? oh well no matter guess i was mistaken :O)

SeanBurlew 1543 days ago

wow thats gay

slakingfool 1543 days ago

Unduly stretch it?!?! Is that when you put it over your head when he takes you from behind?

care666 1543 days ago

it looks like there is a perfect intersection of creases that cross his that where the hole will be cut?

jasonfladager 1543 days ago

I thought you were seeing that late night guy..what's his name? Johnny Bag of Donuts on ABC guy?

mrmojo23 1544 days ago

Look for the spunk marks around bradys lips

FonHom 1544 days ago

"Unduly" is the gayest part. NTTAWWI (Not that there's anything...etc)

manimal5 1544 days ago

I think your BF might be gayer than an Ipod full of Broadway showtunes.

squelchylife 1544 days ago

omg. I wouldn't expect sex with a woman again.

VoteRyanForKing 1544 days ago

? He is still the funniest tweeter on Twitter.

TheRealShylaB 1544 days ago

Nevermind the pillow I wanna see the BF! ;-)

DemiurgeoisFilm 1544 days ago

The Jedi Council would never approve of this pillow.