Jo Koy


So good it's unbrrrvvvbrrr

Everyone get the Ipad. It's the shit son!!!!!!!!

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2274 days ago

Everyone get the Ipad. It's the shit son!!!!!!!!


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myr421 2268 days ago

I'd like to get my hands on the thing in your left hand!

jesselyons2002 2273 days ago

the Ipad is gay. Just like you Mario brothers outfit. lol

OoHOAXoO 2273 days ago

Negative...that shit can't run 2 apps at the same time, that shit is whack sauce!!! Rather buy me some WEEED!!

XLNerd 2273 days ago

ugh I want to party with you, sweet ass costumes and ipads! How sick would that be if they had an app of an old school boom box and we could walk around with the ipad on our shoulders, like the g's from back in the day. haha

leahsusbilla 2273 days ago

iPad is so stupid. It's another iPod, but bigger.

indiananewf 2273 days ago

Jo - that is one faggy ass necklace boy!!

babyblueizze 2274 days ago

you better hope chelsea doesnt see this pic of you wearing that LOL

COWBOYfromHELL8 2274 days ago


cook1097 2274 days ago

Ummm...Jo, why does your iPad have a little tin hat? :)

MoniCuervo 2274 days ago

what the hell are you wearing??

SarahJaneSays 2274 days ago

OMG you're so hood! :\