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I am never not surprised by my readers.

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2365 days ago

I am never not surprised by my readers.


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Deemah122 2365 days ago

This person needs to learn how to spell. This is completely dumb

PappaDukes 2365 days ago

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yor fanz r so unpred...unpredick...stoopid.

TheJanoDX 2365 days ago

guillermo is a fucking homo... lol

psysix 2365 days ago

Clearly and IGN plant. I can tell by their writing ability being on par with their other columnists.

UmarifficCKzzle 2365 days ago

I didn't know masturbating and obesity went hand in hand...is that the cause of America's weight epidemic?

SantoDonato 2365 days ago

Its true ign does rulexz