just me, JB

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2773 days ago


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guitar233 2773 days ago

cool dude!

jessipacetti 2773 days ago

Dr Evil?

nyckids 2773 days ago

The name is Master Bobke, Grasshopper!

KevinTranz 2773 days ago

I saw you in the background taking this picture while Bob was interviewing Lance ha

HammerHead4Him 2773 days ago

Yeah Buddy!! That rocks Johan!! Bob, it's not a hairstyle, its a lifestyle!!

bethlene 2773 days ago

What a good sport, Bob! He's the funnest reason to turn into versus for the bike races.

scott_cotton 2773 days ago

I don't want to be there when you trim the downstairs.

vkolb 2773 days ago

I can't believe you did it! Especially on TV haha!

estguy 2773 days ago

he's great for the sport! VS has done a great job with telecast, what a great team

jreesnc 2773 days ago

OMG! He looks like Lex Luther

bike_girl 2773 days ago

Look at that glare... Where's my shades??? :)

velochimp 2773 days ago

Welcome to the shiny side Bobbke. Hope you stay a while.

geoffmoulton 2773 days ago

Way to go Bobke. Always a class act. Love to have you come to the LiveStrong Challenge in Philly - Aug 23rd. Have some great beer waiting for you.

zacktracks 2773 days ago

The man might not have any hair at the moment, but you cannot doubt his heart. Greetings from S'Rosa.

ricobrico 2773 days ago

Not Dr. Evil...only quasi-evil. He's semi-evil. He's the margerine of evil. The Diet Coke of Evil. Just one calorie...not evil enough. Nice Bobke!

vegasrouleur 2773 days ago

Bob looks younger now. Put Bob, Levi, and Chris H. together and you'll need sunglasses.

shanebarnes 2773 days ago


skyhawke 2773 days ago

Will Bobke keep the look until Toor Day Frantz time????

RickieRainwater 2773 days ago

Thought it was Kojack. Hey, your book is really good. Thanks!

fixgear 2773 days ago

Hey, watch that Star Trek/Dr Evil stuff.