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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

Oil everywhere out there... Some thick some not but it's out there

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2031 days ago

Oil everywhere out there... Some thick some not but it's out there


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DENIxoxo 1623 days ago

sad but true.

hufflebieber 1846 days ago


_LisaBia_ 1866 days ago

very sad............but some people can`t be changed

alexandravaida 1880 days ago

people can do a lot of damage....:(

Olli_7 1923 days ago

that's terrible....... I have no more to say...(((

Cocodeyon 1937 days ago


oorfa 1943 days ago


bleuet15 1943 days ago

je mettrais bien tony hayward dans la tache orange !!

BettyAle 1950 days ago

so sad!=(

janet_gnz 1963 days ago

this is just the beginning cant believe this happened what are we doing to this planet??

Fangyuan_Zhao 1964 days ago

oh that's too bad

sandracutey 1964 days ago

Gross. I hope they find a permanent solution and never have to go through this again.

aselzhakipova 1964 days ago

God it's awful! We must not let one more place 2 be detroyed like this! Because I'm afraid we can't fix This! And after this I will do all that i can 2 protect our world!

annsiza 1964 days ago

that is very sad, so pollute the environment

elidemireva 1972 days ago

soo sad :( wish i could help

Miss_Sillos 1977 days ago

And some think the human been is actually civilized... things like this can prove other way

diavolul13 1980 days ago

This happens because people are greed. You know? They could burn up the ocean. Oil burns, right? And floats on the water's surface

Gerdinafrenchy 1988 days ago

Our guys from Holland are there now, they can do the job!

Loesje85 1989 days ago

I feel guilty driving a car now....

Thespudcat 1991 days ago

This is utterly disgusting!!! I live in Canada but if I could get the time off work I would be there to help in any way I could....unbelievable!!!!