daniel tosh


not a doctor

what what??  yep yep!! he will be on this summer.

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2032 days ago

what what?? yep yep!! he will be on this summer.


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snackadoos 1529 days ago

lolz :)

albert_stadnik 1545 days ago

hey daniels spending time with his dad

Kaztaway 1877 days ago

watt?? lol sorry buffalo bill but not everybody puts the lotion on its skin its normal for a dude not to wear make up unless u have a mangina.

wierdo6660 1879 days ago

damn dude put on some makeup. seriously...

bmxer720 1885 days ago

I hope u know what hes going to do with his thumb

bmxer720 1885 days ago

hey its his dads ass. its his only one childhood memory thats why hes so happy

Vlad_Dah_FAG 1886 days ago

I Always Figured You Lived An Alternative Lifestyle But At Least You Have a Nice Taste In Manbooty

jade_2mfu 1886 days ago

hope you did'nt mistake him for a girl! ajja

blutesauce20 1886 days ago

my sister made the same face and hand gesture when she found out those weren't tootsie rolls the dog was dropping...

teddy8787 1886 days ago


sschaffner89 1886 days ago

you should've goosed him/her.

Andr3wdar34p3r 1887 days ago

Light a match,pull his finger, and either stay or GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE

A_TwIzTiD_EnD 1887 days ago

hey, you CAN pull your thumb outta your ass!! Jk dude, you got a funnyass show

STRAYDAWG16 1887 days ago

what if the guy quickly put a lighter to his ass and farted? what would you do then funny guy?

FreshLikeUhhhhh 1887 days ago

Thumbs up for anal!

gemesis23 1887 days ago

If he farts you're in for some trouble.

joanchand 1887 days ago

are you sure that's not a woman??!

Juggalomufocko 1968 days ago

All thOse haters wanna sniff your thumb!!!

gangsterninja77 2004 days ago


boobah4200 2004 days ago

What's with the guy behind? Titties!