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Hi there. It's Kenny and his crew...

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sizzl6285 1488 days ago

forget the dumb rumors! u rock!

nikkis120 2004 days ago

I am praying for everyone in Nashville, you stay safe thanks I posted the video you did for them on my facebook and twitter to bring more attention!

mtngirl03 2004 days ago

God made you so perfect! You are so HOT!!

klr345 2015 days ago

I'm thinking benefit concert?

MerleA 2018 days ago

sooo cute!

JoeyCrowe1 2026 days ago

How about a flood benefit concert for the flood victims of Nashville maybe???

StarStruk 2026 days ago

Now, that's my kind of BOATRIDE! I wanna Go!

mysliz 2026 days ago

Wow bet you never thought you would be taking the boat from the front steps!

MzBrendaL 2026 days ago

You all packed up and ready to go....So you went by boat to Vegas? lol

ddritzenhein 2026 days ago

My Heart Goes Out To You

J34NETTE 2026 days ago


angelinaFla 2026 days ago

Hi gorgeous, god bless everyone in the TN area that was devasated by the Storm Cells & gusts of strong wind w/rain, it's scary I know, we lived thru Hurricane charley in SW Fla!! stay strong and help each other out!! God Bless!!

lovingpreson82 2028 days ago

my heart goes to all everyone that there house !!! god bless TN

Lorie_Acosta 2029 days ago

Kenny so happy you all are safe! Never trust moving waters like that. Unpredictable!

justnise 2032 days ago

My sister-in-law, niece and I fought to keep what was a small creek from getting in our basement. What was only ankle deep became waist deep real fast and the current was swift. Maybe a dumb move on our parts because we easily could have been swept away,

JennLynnJody 2032 days ago

Hey, Kenny I wish there was somethin' I could do to help out ev'ryone from TN. The funny thing is, is that I was just in Nashville, for the first time, a week before all the floodin'. I'm like I fin'ly get to go where I've always dreamed of goin' an' then

djscotec 2033 days ago

Hey Kenny if you want some honest help sorting saving i will. 911 guy from Buffalo NY Direct Message on twitter

Judy4913 2033 days ago

Kenny, my heart goes out to everyone in Tennessee...Hang in their folks!

SCRAPPYLIESE 2033 days ago


cl3my 2033 days ago

Where's the coverage Andy Cooper promised you and all of TN?