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Bedcovering by Jean Paul Gaultier!

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1698 days ago

Bedcovering by Jean Paul Gaultier!


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Mel_LoveClothes 1670 days ago

i love his idea! it's cute.

futurebon 1696 days ago

I really like the quilting, and the seams are swanky. What's her name?

xSuperBarbiex 1696 days ago

This is really cool, but rathe creepy :P x

opalnightwalker 1697 days ago

Sorry but that is **CAF** Creepy As F**K

nikjenny 1697 days ago

Nothing new.Gypsies in Eastern EU did this for decades.Is actually equivalent of VERY bad taste.

THE_AmidalaFan 1697 days ago

What a GORGEOUS dress in this picture!!! Also, COOL bed!!!

NicoXoXoStone 1698 days ago

OMG I did'nt even realize this was a bed! I need one!

Raficha 1698 days ago

HAHA! Love it! I can imagine some people freaking out after seen this.

monika_wtf 1698 days ago


Oh_ChocoNeko 1698 days ago


LaCucinaDelSole 1698 days ago

Blurb :/

DeviantDrKate 1698 days ago

I like it, however, I think that a doll re-painted could have been enlisted to make the doll seem less...off. That little corset is tops though!

daninipanini 1698 days ago

Interesting, but I think she'd be a bit of a bed-hog.

Barontwit 1698 days ago

Resembles a large toilet roll holder.

gunsnhandcuffs 1698 days ago

haha, that's cool. but creepy.

_Costas_K 1698 days ago

i love jpg but this doll is ugly..

NaughtyTashaben 1698 days ago

love the bed covering but not the doll in the middle freaks me out somewhat

guamorim 1698 days ago


vanilla_dreams 1698 days ago

scary, but interesting

krisssten 1698 days ago

Quite possibly the scariest thing I've ever seen.