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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

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Oil spill of Gulf of Mexico, USA.

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1596 days ago

Oil spill of Gulf of Mexico, USA.


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harumari12 1570 days ago

宇宙からみても大問題。ひどい状態。。。I want you to do measures early.I feel really strong.

AnnAAnpilogovA 1587 days ago

feeling winter, meravilioso!

Karlakbeck 1587 days ago

Please watch this video. A bio product makes the oil turn to water. please copy this link and look for yourself. This is just an amazing story.

colombogabriel 1587 days ago

So sad!

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ipzipz 1589 days ago

¿Este es el tesoro escondido? así era el lema más o menos de una campaña gubernamental de México para explorar y explotar los yacimientos petroleros en el Golfo de México... pero ni Cuba, ni USA ni México se poner a pensar en la gran contaminación que pro

B0NiTA_APPL3BUM 1589 days ago

da gov't prolly got somein to do wid dis anyways...

B0NiTA_APPL3BUM 1589 days ago

da gov't prolly got somein to do wid dis anyways...

Simeau 1589 days ago

how about some more pics of this event. History in the making!

PC0101 1589 days ago

It could. Here you have a good comparison of the size of that spill. A must see!!

PC0101 1589 days ago

You find detailed explanations of this pic of May 4 (and more pics) here:

SpacialDrift 1589 days ago

Very disturbing indeed. Depending on the tides, this could change direction and head for me in Florida.

jmanuelsantiago 1590 days ago

muy triste

tlbeman 1590 days ago

The light brown gunk is the oil.

Niteowl009 1590 days ago

Which part is the oil?....gray, blue or streak connecting blue and gray?

azambujah 1590 days ago

Mancha de óleo vista do espaço =/ Golfo do México, 5 de maio 2010

mariitza 1591 days ago