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The "new" TT Bike

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2382 days ago

The "new" TT Bike


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yuckz0ne 2329 days ago

That's very cool. ;)

alesokorn 2361 days ago

hahahah...awesome sense of humor

teresadoucette 2375 days ago

Hello Lance, I am from Sac and was embarrassed to see what happened to your bike. I's glad you got it back--and had I taken it you could have been asured that I would have ridden like I stole it! You are an inspiration.

MartyMathis 2376 days ago

That's way funny. Two thumbs up for Trek>

Highmountain4 2378 days ago

LMFAO - that's just awesome! The TREK folks obviously have a good sense of humor!

kiwical 2379 days ago

Maybe the guy who stole it was named Lance too...

jason_g 2379 days ago

LOL! definitely. >:)

beginningbiker 2379 days ago

Hilarious man

acb12 2380 days ago

That is just SO funny!

Torezen 2381 days ago

Well done!!

dlmoorejr 2381 days ago

That is great Lance. Put Lojack on this

benitobaby 2381 days ago

Wow, this is great!!!

richardmarlow 2381 days ago

Class - love it

chrisgartside 2381 days ago

now that is mint and very funny! :-)

crakberrymaster 2381 days ago

That is classic. Very funny.

gregh825 2381 days ago

Now THAT'S funny!!!!

gddy 2381 days ago

I'd like to see someone try to sell the first one. Hello? Private, secret bike collection? LOL.

joehoward55 2381 days ago

Love it! it's good to have a sense of humor.

arukaen 2381 days ago


randygreenway 2381 days ago

# of days Lance was retired. I love that message. Wonder how many remember what the boys at Trek are referencing?