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this is what happened to the Opry in the flood... @kelliepickler sent me this pic this morning.

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2412 days ago

this is what happened to the Opry in the flood... sent me this pic this morning.


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TheJudge86 2019 days ago

Hi there- new to twitter.
Just sent a note to your myspace asking permission to reprint this photo. Please let me know if it's OK. Thanks!

nikkis120 2388 days ago

Oh my God this is so sad, I am sure many of the artists who first saw this were brought to tears cause it is doing just that to me, I pray they are able to some how salvage our precious Opry!!

Tigerfluff 2410 days ago

terrible shame

iJUSTN 2411 days ago

wow. i was there a few years ago:( im prayin for TN.

Bayoumouse 2411 days ago

Makes me wanna cry........

newdave 2411 days ago

The #1 thing no Country fan ever wants to's like something from a nightmare :(

fletcherlilly 2411 days ago

this pic is imbedded in my mind and makes me so sad

clthompson331 2411 days ago

WOW!!! I heard they also may have lost all of the history for the Opry. They said it was in the basement. What a horrible loss. Everyone enjoy this years CMA Music Fest. Stay Safe!!

SuzSezz 2411 days ago

This is so tragic! Part of Nashville's wonderful historical places have been damaged so badly. Some footage of The Opryland Hotel:

ErickaAnn 2412 days ago

That's awful.. I can't believe it! Best of Luck to all of you in Nashville! Stay Safe!!!

grady_may 2412 days ago

If anyone knows anymore of the damage the flood did in Nashville,especially the Opry, either Rhyman downtown or the Opry House on Briley Parkway. PLEASE email me the details, along with photos, to or mail to Grady May at WJIL RADIO, P.

rheydiation 2412 days ago

Oh no!!! This is so sad, we are keeping everyone in TN in our prayers!

tat2edchick29 2412 days ago

omg, this is so sad :(

scottdfay 2412 days ago

Ouch! I was just there 2 months ago for the first time and was blown away (and I'm not even a country fan). This is really sad to see and is hard to believe...

mpmesosweet 2412 days ago

thats terrible..! i hope 2 see the Grand Ole Opry again someday iam sad 2 have seen the flooding in & around Nashville & the enitre state Of Tennesse. My prayers go everyone there God Bless Michael

grady_may 2412 days ago

I cannot believe this. I have been to the Opry and on that stage many times, even performed on it. It must be four feet off the main floor. May God bless everyone there. Many of them are dear friends of mine. My heart goes out to them

pipomaged 2412 days ago

i don't understand what this photo is talking about :(

CountryGirly 2412 days ago

This is just me a sick feeling in the pit of my tummy knowing that such damage has occurred there.

devileyes_2469 2412 days ago

Oh my gosh! I can not believe the opry looks like that, that is sacred grounds! Love and god bless to everyone in Nashville, I wish I could be there to help with clean up! Keep your faith and hold your heads up, it will get better!

DonalMason 2412 days ago

This is at Opryland, right? Not the Ryman.