Justin Moore


Me and Ella are watchin Dora the explorer. Tryin to talk her into changin over to cops

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1690 days ago

Me and Ella are watchin Dora the explorer. Tryin to talk her into changin over to cops


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ShesHisCountry 1688 days ago

Hope you weren't affected by the floods in TN and are still coming to Detroit for the hoedown!!

CowtownCowgirl1 1688 days ago

Aw Justin!! She's sooo cute!

SuperClarkSis 1689 days ago

She's beautiful Justin. Have fun with it now, 'cause before you know it she'll be wanting the keys to your truck! LOL

TaraBanik 1689 days ago

She just gets more and more beautiful every time you post a pic. and don't let her watch that crap. A little girl and a monkey running around without supervision! What kind of role model is that?? Haha!

eeg89 1690 days ago

she is soo cute :)

funnychica03 1690 days ago

o yes u should change it! she needs to b taught how ur goin 2 kick ass on the guys all over from a young age since she is so adorable!

LesMarieT 1690 days ago

Lol. She is stinkin adorable. Ur gonna have ur hands full..

KatLuvsMuzic 1690 days ago


Hip2TBANDPerry 1690 days ago

How precious!!

joekool89 1690 days ago

That is so cute!

shmeloo 1690 days ago

She is beautiful!! So cute! My niece is named Ella too!

amyscribner 1690 days ago

Ah Justin she is such a doll.

Zephyrgrl 1690 days ago

Awww, she's SO pretty-ful!!!!!

okiemom1 1690 days ago

That's OK Dad... a girl needs to know how to slam a guy down on the pavement and cuff him too!! LOL

weebeetweetin 1690 days ago

Hands off the remote, Daddy!

Cantrell_Amanda 1690 days ago

Justin she is B-E-A-U-TIF-FUL!!!!

personalguard 1690 days ago

Looks like youre in for a lot of Dora bud.

TGtiger 1690 days ago

Good luck with that she looks like she gonna b pretty hard to convince.

zrojones 1690 days ago

She looks like she's gunna kick your ass if you touch that remote!

Cado39 1690 days ago

OMG!!! Soooo adorable!!!