Team Astana


27 riders from 9 different nationalities racing for Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Check out the new slogan on Lance's TT bike!! Pretty appropriate, huh?

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2654 days ago

Check out the new slogan on Lance's TT bike!! Pretty appropriate, huh?


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lanasan 2505 days ago

Memories of Sacramento & Solvang...Tour of California TT. February 2009

jfclem 2626 days ago

Ridiculous fun! Go for it Lance!

BrianAttley 2627 days ago

just did the background reading... yeah, makes sense now. doh!

speakupletout 2627 days ago

Trek built him a new TT bike when the other was stolen. So this is a second bike.

BrianAttley 2627 days ago

is that a decal? how could Trek POT respray the bike after recovered and get it to lance for the TT? and the phrase strikes me as something odd... 'this one'? as opposed to 'ride it like you stole it'!?

LancetheBOSS 2654 days ago

I love this catchphrase.!!!!!

bikingbipolar 2654 days ago

...and keep the wheels

KevinTranz 2654 days ago

Not sure if Levi would agree?

caroviarmes 2654 days ago

Humour...and provocation. I love the slogan.

njolly 2654 days ago


xrpuk 2654 days ago

hahahah thats class we like it

bike_girl 2654 days ago

Frickin hilarious!! :))))

dimassss 2654 days ago

Haha, nice one!

augiemagallanes 2654 days ago

Todavia esta calientita !!!

scottmaiwald 2654 days ago


ssanders519 2654 days ago

I think it would be funny to see you racing with an old school chain lock wrapped around the seat post!

unitedweride 2654 days ago


lisajanae 2654 days ago

What'll you do with this one now that you have two? Kick ass logo - luv it!

janzeboski 2654 days ago

It needs an "evidence" sticker too!

joelga 2654 days ago

That's frickin' awesome.